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Digital Electric Torque Wrench Power Tools Straight Type
Product name:Electric torque wrench
Surface treatment:Mirror Pollished
Packing:Blow Mold Case

Straight Type Eeletric Torque Wrench

1. Voltage motor: 110V-240V, 50-60HZ single-phase AC voltage;

2. The LCD displays the preset torque of the button, and automatically stops when the preset torque is reached;

3. Digital display torque control system, output accuracy ± 4%, repeatability ± 1%;

4.360 degree rotating handle, easy to operate, adapt to different working conditions;

5. Industrial grade design,Two-speed design, the wrench can be switched between high and low speeds to improve work efficiency;

6. Double overload protection, electronic anti-torsion system and torque overload clutch to effectively protect the transmission components;