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Digital Display Electric Angled Torque Wrench Curved Type
 Product name:Electric torque wrench
Surface treatment:Mirror Pollished
Packing:Blow Mold Case
Product Description

Power supply: 210-240V 50-60Hz
Impact-free continuous rotation, more effective than hydraulic wrenches
Intelligent torque control system with fault self-test function and power-off memory function;
Torque accuracy: +/- 4%, repeatability: +/- 1%, two-speed design, high/low speed can be freely converted;
Two ways to set the torque:
- Manually set the torque
- The system recommends torque according to bolt parameters
The torque value is directly displayed on the LCD monitor. No torque table required.
Over-tightening of the electronic system and overloading of the clutch can effectively protect the drive components;
The intelligent motor speed control system allows the brush to last 5-10 times longer than other branded wrenches.