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14-60mm Pipe Diameter Pipe and Rebar Torque Wrench
Product name:torque wrench
Surface treatment:Mirror Pollished

The wrench is made of high quality seamless pipe, which supports and fixes all parts;
2. The wrench head is made of high-quality 45 steel precision quenching and is used to hold the steel threaded joint.
3. The handle of the wrench is used for the force measurement and the tightening of the steel threaded joint.
4. The adjustable range is 14-60mm diameter diameter of Rebar or Pipe , torque range 80-400Nm, 10Nm per grid, and shows the diameter of the steel bar and the corresponding torque value; (the corresponding torque value is 160Nm when the Pipe diameter is 18mm or 20mm).
5. The point of force applied during the accuracy measurement of the force line wrench is also the center of force applied when the wrench is used.
6. Torque value window display.