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Digital Air Pneumatic Torque Wrench
Product name:Pneumatic torque wrench
Surface treatment:Mirror Pollished
Packing:Blow Mold Case

1. 6bar compressed air, the maximum power consumption of 600L/min;
2. The curved handle series pneumatic torque wrench is more suitable for space-constrained occasions;
3. the use of silent motor, better sound effects, industrial noise is lower;
4.the torque accuracy of ± 5%, repeatability ± 1%;
5.optional digital air source regulator, torque accuracy up to ± 3%, repeatability ± 1%;
6. High-speed and low-speed mechanical displacement gears can adapt to different working conditions and effectively improve work efficiency;
7. high-strength overall reaction arm, not easy to break, 360 degree rotation adjustment;
8.equipped with brake stop system to protect the safety of operators;
9.the new ergonomic design of the handle, free to connect with the drive components, can rotate, improve operability and comfort.