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8mm SMA Connector Torque Wrench Calibrated to 0.5 to 3N-m
Product name:torque wrench
Surface treatment:Mirror Pollished
Packing:Blow Mold Case
SMA Series torque wrench

1,Product design for tightening SMA connectors, providing a choice of relative torque tools to ensure proper torque is applied to RF coaxial and SMA connectors, while wire and SMA connectors are used correctly in PF cabling applications Tightening is very necessary to ensure that it achieves performance.
2,The new opening design, combined with the torque wrench, when the wrench reaches the torque value, the head will produce a 90 degree angle bend, indicating the arrival of the torque value.
3,The internal design of the ball structure ensures the repeatability and accuracy of the wrench and reduces the impact of the speed of operation.
4,The wrench body is made of aluminum alloy and is lightweight and can be used in both forward and reverse directions.
5,Wrench is used for Agilent 8710-1765, wild Rosenberger.HUBER$SUHANER and other male SMA, 3.5mm, 2.92mm,
2.4mm, 1.85mm SMA connector.