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Square Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrench
Product name:Hydraulic torque wrench
Material:Alloy steel
Surface treatment:Mirror Pollished
Packing:Aluminum box

Products featurers:
1,ATHM-series drive hydraulic torque wrench, aluminum-titanium alloy material and high-strength alloy steel, good toughness and light, is the world's lightest and most durable hydraulic wrench;

2,When the bolt space is small, it can provide the simplest solution;

3,Its one-piece body and 360°×180°tubing rotary joint, 360 degree 60-point ,fine-tuning reaction arm can adapt to various complicated occasions;

4,The unique anti-reverse rotation check tweezers overcomes the phenomenon of reversing the wrench caused by the bolt deformation and rebound, and can realize 5,the two-synchronous or four-synchronous operation of the hydraulic wrench;

Ensure that the set torque accuracy is within ±3%; up to 70Mpa (700bar) workinpressure;Torque range:188Nm~70660Nm, can be customized with special requirements;